An abundance of creative professionals surround this dynamic duo in New York City’s thriving artistic scene. Tracey Katof and James Koroni live to create and are drawn to igniting emotional responses from their audiences. Their choreography is a blend of contemporary dance and commercial street jazz, incorporating quirky, athletic and unconventional movements. Beyond the choreography, they are dedicated to a positive and environmentally conscious work atmosphere. They are inspired by each visionary dancer, artist and company that they work with and this propels them indefinitely into the future.

Upon meeting in November 2010, Katof and Koroni knew their vision for dance production and passion for social justice was in alignment and immediately began collaborating.  Their first two performances and work choreographing together were the original NYC production Lemon Meringue as well as a New York City premiere for pop star, Sasha.

Some other milestones for Katof and Koroni include the following: An International Tour in Paris, Washington D.C. and New York City; Choreography for recording artist Clara Lofaro; Choreography for recording artist Mandy  Lee ; Choreography for 2 video art productions by Joshua Katcher of TheDiscerningBrute.com; production of a music video for AVEDA cosmetologist Layla Joy ; and the completion of several stage pieces.  Many of these projects were created for social awareness and addressed issues such as Childhood Sexual Abuse, Animal Rights, Environmental Awareness, Anti-bullying and Domestic Violence Awareness.   Katof and Koroni presented their multimedia collaborations at their first annual performance of, ‘ALLIANCE’ Art and Activism, at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center in April of 2012.  Following the seasons performance they filmed a music video for Berlin’s recording artist Notic Nastic and are currently in post production.  Summer 2012 projects and international performances are in the works!

Tracey Katof, James Koroni

Tracey Katof graduated magna cum laude from Hofstra University with a Bachelors of Dance. She also trained at Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, Dance New Amsterdam, and Ballet Academy East in New York City. Tracey has contributed choreography and performed for both stage and video productions. A few of her credits include HBO award winning comedian Rebecca Drysdale, international pop star Sasha, Calabash Records, Naganuma Dance, Avodah Dance Company, and The Society for Cultural Exchange. Her choreography was featured in Paris at a festival at La Bellevilloise. Tracey is honored to be working with a talented cast and production team as the choreographer of Lemon Meringue.

James Koroni studied at ‘The Edge,’ ‘Broadway Dance Center‘ and Santa Monica College. A few of his credits include Madonna, Princess Superstar, Notic Nastic, Sasha, Clara Lofaro, Mandy Lee and an AVEDA promo video. His choreography has been invited yearly to perform across seas in a Parisian festival at La Bellevilloise. His theatrical credits include Love In A Tub under the direction of James Manzello, The Man Who Wasn’t There and Bagabones all in The Fringe Festival here in New York City and Edmonton, Canada. He portrayed the role of Young Rich in the Equity Showcase of Lemon Meringue under the direction of Terri Muuss. Along with Co-Creative Director Tracey Katof, Enforced Arch presented an evening length show entitled ‘ALLIANCE’ Art & Activism at Manhattan Movement & Arts Center. His internships and administrative credits include ‘Broadway Dance Center’ under the International Student Visa Program with Director Bonnie Erickson and at Cynthia King Dance Studio as Cynthia King’s Executive Assistant.

Tracey Katof, James Koroni